Monday, August 2, 2010

Olio Dome

Beetroot and Mushroom Salad
Sambal Crayfish and Crabmeat Claw pasta

It was the week before my leave - and for my birthday treat, Carol and I wanted to try Bacchus at Dempsey but I was early and I rounded block 7 but couldnt find the place. Ended up with either Culina/Margaritas/Olio and settled for the latter.

I remembered Dome (Dempsey) to be immensely popular with my frens in sec sch (i remember the suntec/borders one) but somehow I never got down to eating the food there. There was a slight gush about it when it re opened again (i think there was a short hiatus) and I was quite excited to try the pasta there.

We started with the Mushroom salad - loaded with chunks of beetroot and sundried tomatoes (and i mean, lots!).

I had the sambal crabmeat claw and crayfish pasta- and I loved how sweet and spicy this was. The sauce was simply not enough to douse all the pasta and meat into...would love to ' jia tang' or add soup, in the chinese saying. Kels will rem how I always liked to eat soup to my fish soup.

Carol had the lamb but I think it was a little too small for her... lambs are just too skinny though they are tasty, hence my preference for lamb burgers. Cant go way off with a lamb patty (volume wise).

The fulfillment from a job after a pinnacle may not be enough should we not have the mindset or satisfaction we derive from our clients. Fulfillment may have to be sought in thereafter from other aspects, therein lies the importance of family and self contentment in improving the quality of one's living in more means than material.

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