Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Disgruntled Chef, CM-PB

Crispy Lamb Short Ribs
Crayfish Mac and Cheese

Camembert Cheese Fondue with Toasted bread and Apple sauce
Truffle Fries
Oyster and Lamb Sausages
Roasted Miso Cod
The lovely lovely band on Wednesday at CM-PB
Jillian's beer and my Choyu Martini at CM-PB

Had an excellent excellent dinner at The Disgruntled Chef (26 B Dempsey) with Jills. Picked her from Outram and w/o internet (to locate the place and get the add/tel) and my last min off drain plus d/c from 64 meant unable to leave stat again! But we were circling around and somehow managed to stumble upon it. Its right next to Tawadang (which we parked right in front of!!) and a very subtle stylish sign to indicate we were on our way to a very delish meal ;)

The menu was simple - food items was kept to a page long and was divided into the Big plates and the Small plates (which was very much more extensive). The Big plates didnt appeal much to us but the small plates did (and it helped that the small plate names were atop while the big plates ones were like by the way at the bottom) - We jumped at the Mac and Cheese almost immediately, and the Chunky truffle fries while the others took a bit of deliberation hmmm mmmms. (Kels, Michelle, Cel, if you're reading this you must def go try!). All plates are meant for sharing. Love the ambience here - its semi formal and since all plates are for sharing it breaks away from the fine dining individual portion/multi course format that I'm not a fan of.

We enjoyed the Lamb short ribs which came first the most. The crisp layer of skin plus the melted fats were just amazing - the skin was fried to a crisp and marinated with herbs and spices. And nothing beats holding up the rib bone and eating it right off (like a satay;)).

The mac and cheese came next - and this one was a little unique as it came with chunks of crayfish. Loved the gratinated bits right atop and the creamy cheeses of mozarella and chedder. Very similar to Spruce's and Overeasy's except for the crayfish bit.

The camembert cheese fondue came with lovely toasted bread and a sweet (paradoxically) green apple sauce. They melted the entire chunk of cheese and it was fun dipping the bread right into the melted camembert. It is quite queer though, to dip the bread into the cheese then into the apple sauce and have it altogether. Its quite a clash of tastes. its better to dip into the cheese OR the apple sauce individually.

The lovely truffle fries was Jillian's favourite. very strong truffle aroma rivalling House's.

Jills also had the fresh oyster - not a fan of these shell fishes - and on the same platter there were 2 mini lamb sausages (otherwise it must have been quite strange to just serve the oyster alone - these were complimentary). I took 1 of them and it had this sour twang ....quite strange.

Another strange sour after taste came from the roasted miso cod. It was not the overpowering miso- a pity tho, the texture of the fish was really smooth and melt in your mouth.

We then headed to CM-PB(Blk 7 Dempsey Road #01-05) after that (jillian had stomach for drinks but of cos im always in the mood for icecream). I'm glad we tried out a new place today cos I just found a new neighbourhood joint which plays great live music. Its a two girl band with one of them sounding like M2m (not their image though, thankfully) and whipping out a violin in the midst of the song too. It had a very chill vibe, perfect for good conversation and good drinks - Jillian's beer (very smooth according to this beer lover - took a sip and could stand no more!)and my Choyu Martini (think it'll be Kelly's favourite - plum+++). Love the potency of my martini ;) No chocolate teas and no coffees after 10pm though, baad for drivers. Love this place to bits. Will be back to try their regular food and bar snacks. Chongs I hope you're reading this cos this will be next on our bar food trail(and also, their signature mojitos) ;)

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