Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ananda Bhavan

It was the first lunch we had at Tiong Bahru Market cos we discovered that no one takes the free shuttle on a day when it rains and when its slightly past the lunch hour of 130pm. So we happily hopped on, and to our joy, we triggered memories of the Tau Kwa Pop (its damn awesome, but its in my archive), Jian Bo Chwee Kuay, and the marvellous Beef Horfan from the cantonese stall. All of which I had during my med sip days with marc and jeremy (boy I miss them and their appetite loads).

We ended at a rather decent time so that Kels could get her brows threaded at my place where I dropped her to park and rather short changed on parking, and we decided to trawl the Little India streets at night (a first for us both and a real eye opener!!), in a bit to find Chellas (as recommended by smallpotatoes) and food 03, unfortunately both failed - we walked all the way to the spanish tapas place but we didnt feel like it. So we ended up triggering more nostalgia for me at Ananda Bhavan (Serangoon Road) , where I had my first taste of Indian food during med school.

This place is owned by Krith's dad and during the anat class days, we will all train down to Little India to have a taste of the very delicious naans at her place. And not to mention, her birthday at the main branch further down, opposite to Mustafa. She's the one who also introduced the anat girls to the farrer park threading and eventually to vanessa (much more convenient).

This picture shows the very delicious fried puff (its actually empty inside) - called Batava or something along those lines. Its extremely tasty with any of those 3 dips. Very carbolicious and oily but totally worth it!

We also ordered a Salt Lassi and its hands down, the saltiest drink EVER.especially since the yoghurt was also unprocessed. Its the kinda yoghurt that I open and i think that its spoilt (i hope its not, but we didnt get no stomachache).

Garlic naan, Cheese Naan
Butter naan, Kashmiri nut naan

This particular branch is vegeterian, hence its mostly carb stuff. You should check out all the quotes on the walls of the 2nd level restaurant which compares herbivores vs carnivores. Some of it is quite hilarious, esp when it talks about the digestive systems. Which Kels and I don't mind (she orders naan all the time).. I tried all 4 when Krith treated us and my favourite is the Kasmiri nut one cos its sweet and really unique. Dips wise I really like the cottage cheese sauce, where the cheese has the consistency of tofu. I believe it was Kels' favourite too.

Eventually I hope to get down to trying more Indian food..and finding Chellas and Food03!

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Hovkonditorn said...

The naan bread looks so delicious. Never heard of salt lassi :)