Saturday, April 16, 2011

CM-PB brunch, K Ki, Green Pumpkin

It was a post very good take Sat (only 6!!) and we ended changes by 11. So did date so we happily arranged to meet at CM-PB (Block 7, Dempsey). Despite it being raining and there was not really much shelter and we kept thinking of changing brunch places for shelter. Sheltered date with a brolly like a very patient servant outside her taxi door (though grouch was that i didnt open the door for her like a true gentleman doh) She felt bad having to divert work to cheang (thanks!) but hearing the rants of the two faced cons and the incessant screaming kids was hilarious and boy was i glad i was spared of all that lot. Perhaps not in R2/3 when it comes to paeds surg. I was really enticed to try the brunch at CM-PB after I saw the scrawlings on the glass panel when I was here watching soccer with bro nights ago and the name scrambled eggs with truffle oil seemed to summon me back and it did, no doubt. Unfortunately these eggs were not piping hot (Why!!) else it'd have been divine.

The chilli corn carne with Wagyu 'd have been great if it was piping too. why guys! Still, the brewerkz one is a mighty killer one, anytime.

We walked all the way to the very crowded House and the even more crowded PS (brunch is the new red) so we decided to hail a cab. Actually me town vs date suburbs got us to Ann Siang. Couldn't wait to try K Ki (Ann Siang Hill). We walked a loop and I totally bypassed it towards Club street when date pulled me back to this unassuming shop steps back. To think I missed it for Shots when i was here with daddy!

K ki is subdivided to the quirky vintage section and the cakes section. attracts hordes of curious tourists and cake chasing fans. I'd like to think i'm part both.

By the way, none of the cakes had names of description, and date was amazed I could chant back the descriptions after the owner introduced them all once! I wish I had similar talents for work.
And the cakes were all too tiny; we felt we could have one of each (there were perhaps, 10 of them?!). We started with the cheesecake with a rockmelon core. This was really light and the cheese whipped so finely it just melted.
This chocolate dome was flavoured with a tinge of caffeine, and has a praline core. Very interesting to eat.
The Mont Blanc came out moments later (with the dark chocolate raspberry cake!) when we went to check out the display again (cos we started off with 2 cakes which obviously was over in a gulp)
Date had coffee at CM-PB and was totally at unimpressed hence we had a second round of drinks at Shots (Ann Siang Hill) my second time here after dad's- hers a Hazelnut latte and mine a tiramisu latte (above). A very fascinating whirl of colours, and taste to match as well. we spent the afternoon getting annoyed at loud storytelling jappies, and enchanted with the blackwhite shots of the photo mags. Every single one of our outings seem to have a component of magazine browsing, bimbotic or not.

When evening dawned and it was less hot to browse, we walked to Chinatown, and through Smith Street, we discovered the 4 seasons 4 d effect of a poster and some really cool table mats (too sharp for my table) and also, a Tin Tin memoribilia shop! How oddsome!!

Cos we were on the NEL line, I thought I'd kill some time before meeting the sibs at Kenny Rogers (little did I know they were so early!!) We headed to Nex, where date's mind was dead set on Green Pumpkin (basement 1, Nex). At first, the joy of finding it, but to the horrors after the cakes, the signature boobs buns were all wiped out!!! All cos she wanted to continue the cake bonanza, with this pumpkin Mont Blanc. Definitely not as refined as that of K Ki's.
On the other hand, I wanted to try the Green tea swiss roll with Red bean. Now im dying to try the Rich and Good swiss rolls, and also the green tea swiss roll from Bread Talk.
After visiting the library - and being so happy amidst all the new books!!- we wandered to the roof top , and discovered the pet walk area (and a lift all to them too!) and the wild wild wet area, where kids were lining up to pray to the rain gods, till the bucket turned over getting them all a good slappin. And a boy who made the other boys ram their crotches onto the pole, in a bit to high jump over. Tall kids can be meanbeans. Haha. Well, I don't bully date ;)

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