Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Curious Tepee

I found a lovely place at the heart of Orchard Road to idle away the afternoon in a quiet place with sensual music, a Penguin classic, and a lovely flat white. And a thought about going to the Mosaic Festival. Need to find my balance again, after the ridiculous absite exam that took me 2 hours at ttsh. and to think I just came back from taiwan days back! holiday mood aint that good for exams. Later was in a dilema with dinner with z vs going to join short at butter, but early am sunday rounds are just such a bummer. actually, age is, rather than the rounds. The next day I couldnt help but share my new found gem with short. we finished rounds early enough so we took a cab down to a Curious Tepee (*scape) Honestly I cant really remember the name of this sandwich (mediterrenean?) but I remember it was the spicier of the two sandwiches up for offer. Its loaded with chunks of chicken, cheese, avocado and egg. Chips on the side too. Very very deliciously healthy sandwich that tasted good in everybite.
Grilled vegetable tart that turned out to be surprisingly good. Loaded with cheese and generously filled with thick slices of grilled vegetables, this was simple comfort food.

Took a bus back home after, basically to spend more time with bro before he books in. And, we were due to catch Man U vs Liverpool after. The macs at Rideout we will never go again, it was crowded to the brims of the alfresco area and we had to hurry to Holland V where the whole wala wala stretch was full max, and we were lucky enough to secure a seat right below a slightly blurred (but big!) screen at Three Monkeys (Holland Village). A rather blarrh nachos, and an equally blahhh iced chocolate to wash down all the excitement of the match, although we were late enough (but didnt miss out all the excitement though when we were trying to find a place, the oohs and aahs really frustrated us!!). Cheerios to liverpool. To the Kuyt, whom we've always been laughing at, well done on your hat trick!

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