Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blu Kouzina

Clearly, if I do not blog about this stat, I will lose the receipt and the sms and I won't be able to recall the name of this place, nor any of the complex Greek dishes we had, which is a shame cos they were all really quite delicious, albeit unique.

So this place is called Blu Kouzina (893 Bukit Timah Road). Suggested by Qian, in place of my suggestion of brunch at Artichoke (i think its a little too far for her haha). It was an early Sun for me - my last vascular weekend when clam rounded late at 845ish yays and even then with breakfast I still finished up by 1130 to meet the girls at the place.

The lovely bread with the lovelier spread of dips - salt, olive oil and pepper. What a shame I couldnt enjoy the health benefits of olive oil and chose the death of butter, claims the owner. Oh well..butter makes my world go round. yummers. It was so good we had two rounds of this (the picture features a half eaten basket) without asking, the generous them.

Fried bread with feta cheese (Tiganopsom)tastes remarkably like Greek prata.
Salad (Xoriatiki)- doused with lotsa cucumbers (crisp, juicy ones), olives, and tomatoes. and capsicum. A very light olive oil dressing and a dollap of feta cheese to top it all. I thought all that was missing was meat. But I guess im missing the idea of a SALAD in the first place.
Eggplant with minced meat (beef) and potatoes - it was like a Greek lasgna with the addition of slices of eggplant, and potatoes instead of pasta. Beef was also marinated well - solid stuff. With the crisp cheese top layer lay another layer of cream.
Qian's Beef - very much like a greek kebab.
Jas' lamb chops with her very cute rice-in-a-tomato. Very much like the one I had in Italy, the tomato rice. She hardly has lamb outside (i only like lamb burgers cos the patties are solid, unlike the very skinny lamb chops). I hope to convert them with the very yummy lamb ribs at the Disgruntled chef.
We ended off with a dessert called Baklava - i think they havent made enough cos to the left is Baklava, and the one on the right is the complimentary dessert! Jas and I thought that Baklava was a Russian dessert with lotsa clotted cream, but obviously we havent eaten Greek dessert before, and their version of Baklava even. This was a dense, nutty dessert - a walnut core, with surrounding oatmeal and a biscuit crust. On the right, the dessert was more flaky with the beehoon like crust holding it all together - it too, has a walnut core right at the centre. Very unique, very sweet, sealed our palate.

Thanks Qian for the lift back - we passed by the huge old holland road field (sigh, holds lotsa nice memories of the attempted kite flying and the helicopter flying too, with him. not to mention the attempted picnic.) Lovely weekend to cherish.

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