Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Beef Chilli Cheese. With Corn Bread.
Corned beef sandwich.

Fridays is a lunch out day so during our 2nd fri of the month, we were given 1.5 hours to do changes (despite having k&t breakfast! they were surprised we could have more haha), and we rushed along to the cons carpark where ms chng was waiting and collected K on level 2 on the way.

We met Sj at Brewerkz (Riverside Point) for lunch - at the alfresco area cos it was a nice cloudy day. And good thing so too, cos we had extra entertainment when Mich Chia and Bryan Wong was actually filimg right about beside us..its been quite a recent whirlwind of star gazing recently with apple hong at tj pagar and kym ng at taiwan airport.

We started with Nachos and when everyone's burgers and fish and chips came they were rather overwhelmed by the size! Kels and I ordered the beef chilli cheese and the Corn beef sandwich. Loved the beef chilli cheese and had the corn bread during my call after. The corn beef sandwich had a nice crusty rye bread with slices of corn beef and cheese. Mighty tasty Reuben it was. Wanted to finish up Sj's fish and chips as well but it nastily fell. Oh well.

Post lunch the cons had varying destinations (join the dark side....) and we headed back and back to my Fri call. quite a good call, with Colin even being able to scrub for the laprot. First call back at shagggh's good.

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Hi I have been a longtime reader of your blog. Out of curiosity, what do you work as?