Wednesday, April 20, 2011


On a Tuesday when solo vascular depressingly ended at 9 plus, where all the hos were still around surprisingly (and comfortingly!). Z and I met for dinner/supper. She was in a roast chicken mood but I could think of nothing less than cocette (which doesnt serve roast chicken on tuesdays!!!!) Hence we landed up in Prive (Keppel Island) where I finally finally gotta try the small bites, which is prob their idea of bar food. First up, the fries with the awesome truffle mayonaise, makes a dallop of difference. Chicken wings fried in shrimp paste with Thai chilli sauce. It was crisp and tasty but i still miss Bonchon loads.
Onion Rings with thick thick batter - prefer the lighter ones a la Da Mario
Mushrooms with cheese - these were the most delicious morsels of fried stuff in awhile.
Trio of mini Wagyu burgers- the meat was steak in chunks, and was really delicious between butter toasted buns. Simple and good.

Z stopped really early leaving me to finish most, and we were both most dreadful of work cm. Sigh to brunch and dine all day'd be a luxury.

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