Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Standing Sushi Bar

On a post take Thurs, I intended to take Kels to Food for thought at Queens street (couldnt figure out the mini burgers place at Queen's) but the last order was before 9pm! So we ended up at Standing Sushi Bar - a place I've been wanting to try for a long time, but its the branch at Raffles Place that I've been eyeing, as well as Five Izakaya.
This is the Sakura Don - which is pretty much like diced up Chirashi Don. Love the assortment and the colours. Very fun to eat.

Kelly's set of Salmon in butter sauce, Mackerel, Sashimi. Very comprehensive and a steal at $20.

Kakiage's gotta be my favouritest tempura cos its so crisp and crunchy. And tastes almost healthy!

Fried white bait - prefer the baits to be pint sized actually..

We headed down to 1 Altitude for drinks, and some heart to heart. Sigh babe, missed our old days so very much -hugs- Time's never enough with you. Gorgeous view, great company, what more can I ask for? For it to happen nightly, actually.

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