Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Everything with Fries and Potluck, Ice cream Chefs

I woke up at 130pm today, and having misst Kels and D in the morning (it was the last day of revision!), I drove st to sg to pick up Kels before we headed via Cantoment towards Joo Chiat to try some eats there. Misst discovery of dukes, and the ultimate face-off with black f.

When we were east crawling the last time when we were at cgh we never quite got to this Presidential Poh Piah place (cos it was too far down long long Joo Chiat) so I'm quite glad I managed to drive down today where the parking wasnt too crazy. However this place is at a segment of Joo Chiat where its a one way street so we had to make a loop and park at another lane.

Kway Guan Huat (97 Joo Chiat Road) is located at a super old school coffeeshop (where also houses Beef House a beef noodle specialist), where old chinese music was blasting and small kids were asking us for drinks whilst munching on luxury wafers (my favourite!).

We ordered one normal Popiah (think its vegeterian) - $2 and the extra big one - $3.50 which has prawn and egg.

If you read the first picture, the Popiah actually prides on using Sri Lankan Crab meat and crispy fish crackers. Kels deduced that Popiah can be dichotomised into the healthy, neat ones and the messy sweet sauce-laden unjealthy ones and Kway Guan Huat happens to belong to the latter category.

Kelly is a fan of the former, and I the latter so I really like this Popiah. Messy popiahs are a tad difficult to lift up from the plate and eaten whole - very unlike the super neat one at Clementi which Kelly is a fan of . So its really fun to dissect this popiah - and love the fragrant stewed vegetables within and the huge chunks of fish crackers. The skin was thick and delicious though it didnt do a very good job in holding everything together. Although we really really couldnt find where the Crabmeat was...
We then drove back down to Everything with fries (Joo Chiat). Within 10 seconds of sitting down we were asked what we wanted to order, and again, and again. Hmm.
One egg soup - its egg york, in chicken broth, with fluffy egg white atop. Super chicken goodness. But I love the crispy batter and soaking it right into the soup.
Single order of Salt and Vinegar fries (shoe string). I generally prefer thin fries cos I like the batter to potato ratio better... We had to up the dosage of salt and vinegar cos at first it wasnt acidic enough. I missed the UK fish and chips where you can add as much of the actual vinegar into the frieds..
Lamb Burger with Curry fries (straight cut). We absolutely love the lamb burger - the patty consisted largely of well marinated lamb, and I loved how loosely packed and rough the texture was - it was good lamb meat. With a dallop of sour cream (careful not to ingest it all like I did thinking it was cheese) and pan fried buns, it was damn awesome. Now I want to try the lamb burger at Cellar Door.

And oh, after the salt and vinegar fries which was really acidic, we couldnt really taste much of the curry powder anymore. Pity - we should have tried the garlic with herbs!
Love the Nutella milkshake ( - it had a tinge of hazelnut and was not too chocolatey at that - it looks so much like an oreo milkshake though with dark specks throughout the froth. But Kels later said it tasted like her oreo-mocha bubble tea fix....

I had a SUPER CLOSE CALL cos my coupon expired at 545 pm and I left at 6pm to extend coupon starting at 610 pm , and with my car shades on didnt see the parking attendent till I walked 4 steps outside my car and bumped into her on the phone and she very nicely said ok even though i put 10 minutes later =P Its kinda WORSE to put a later timing than to not put btw.

Thank you Sheryl for hosting us! You have such a lovely home in a quiet neighbourhood - and a lovely Christmas tree, a real one at that. Waited for Kok before starting, with Kums coming later.
Mary Corner's Tau Kua Pau - before the chilli was spread all over. Ingenious idea of Tau kuar with egg pieces and batter. I figure this would taste the best after some toasting.
Rojak from Seng Kee Rojak which is sandwiched in between all the Katong Laksa stalls. No beating the Toa Payoh Rojak at Old Airport Road man, but the deep plastic container is like, damn modern lar.

Beef Shepherds Pie - the boys were so fixated on my restrictions they forgot about Kums =P but I wished they remembered cos I'd love to try the Lamb one! The first time I tried this was when Eliza made it and I love love it. These folks only did delivery.

This Nutella tart is from Everything with fries (we tookaway after our meal). And everyone had extreme comments about it. It tastes exactly like the place it comes from..And given how its a few doors away from the dangerous cake shop I better stinge on my words.
Ondeh Ondeh from Kim Choo Nonya Delicacies - love the flowing gula melaka within and the cube of sugar.
Apple Strudel from Renaldo's - I like this, but the Durian Strudel was the ultimate favourite - durian paste was really fresh and reminds me of the durian milk ice's paste at sg.

Kelly and I also bought the Pandan Cheese Roll from Bengawan Solo, which is our daily replacement for the cheese pancake from Mr Bean since sg doesnt have any =P
Adjourned over to Ice cream Chefs - this is Kaya, and Granny's Smith. You'd love Kaya if you well, love the real kaya toast.The granny smith has a strong cinnamon taste, with a sour burst of green apples.

Thanks Kok for the treat - Chocolate and Hersheys is actually good old thick dark chocolate, Coffee was a tad too bitter for me (prefer my coffee icecream with a little liquer, like Kahlau), but the Rockmelon was really popular (staying off sour flavours) and so was Durian (Jason's, guess he didnt have enough of the strudel).

Its super crowded on a Friday night and we had to share one table at first, then the uneven two tables =P but left soon after the group beside us was spreading carcinogens..

On the way back with Jason we were debating what late night show to catch (if at all) and we decided to first park at Cine (shitty indeed =/) and check out the shows first. Major frontal lobe overdrive with the she's watching instead of we, and to account on Monday for the ultimate betrayal and the numerous obstacles of the crazy road crossing and the closure of the Basement box office, we settled for the 1135pm Princess and the Frog show, us being late by 10 minutes. ( We talked too much outside Sterling's car where I discovered the secret to them being embarassed wearing the masks all the time!!!!!).

Princess and the Frog is such a Disney Classic, something I miss for the longest time. With so much technicolour even 2-dimensionally, and the wonderful rhapsody of song and dance and the idiosynchracies of the side characters (my favourite was the firefly and his was the evil guy's voice and singing). I could envision the Disneyland ride for this already....Crazy the references through the day and the show, with the getting comfortable at the tree (heh). Love how spontaenous this was since we knew we were still gonna sleep late anyway and this IS a great start to the holidays - not like the crappy twilight and 2012 of late...

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