Monday, December 14, 2009


Morning was a sleepy affair with tutor getting angst amidst the low turnout and so decided to join them at shorts at nuh (highly unsuccessful with me doing pd) and then joined chong's at the 3 situational sim man...before I (tried to)join D and Wm at nuh again, whilst killing time to pick up a very early carol and yh, heading down to Portsdown where Colbar was no longer serving food(after 830pm for your info) and so we headed Soprano (7 Portsdown Road), a recommendation thanks to Nat. YH said the menu looked super familiar, and looks like he ate at an offshoot of this place - Donna CarmelaDonna Carmela.

Dinner was an affair of a heated discussion over the dynamics of mind/body/soul, the state of affairs of the states

Started with the lovely bread roll - white toasted soft buns, excellent with olive oil and vinegar.

Cheese Platter - Emmental, Goat's, Brie. and Blue cheese in the salad.

Emmental tasted like vanilla beans, Goat's was rough and salty, and Brie had this floral, lavender after taste esp on eating the skin. Seafood pasta in foil - This was excellent, better than bland Da mario's version. In Ian's words, it was as if the tomato broth was cooked with some prawn extract

Carol's mushroom pasta

My ravioli with whole nuts and cheese, in herbs and secret aroma sauce. This tastes really herbal. Loved the grittiness of the ground mixed nuts within the ravioli, which was a lovely contrast from the smooth sheets of pasta and cream.
Triple gelato - nothing vaguely interesting except for the really good strawberry sauce drizzled over - and a third of the gelato which had candied gum and chocolate chips.

Headed to Wala Wala after that where the rock music was best enjoyed right next to the staircase where we could hear each other. One for one meant vodka cranberry plus vodka lime, and many a good continuation of PPE thru the night...

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