Thursday, December 17, 2009


Today was Thursday of week 5 and it was CTS day so after the onco lect and RT's tut (my respi short/J's long and talkative), we left for Michelangelo's (Chip Bee Gardens), after securing a reservation (last order at 1.15pm).

Parking was initially a problem as the lots were limited and Holland V was full but we were luckily to give parallel lots.

Over lunch, whilst some vigorous gaming was going on, we were postulating what might have gone on should we not have signed on...

We chose 6 Express lunches, at $28 each before one for one.. Mussels in soup - loved the flavourful tomato soup, and mussels were most fresh. Went fantastically well with the crisp herb bread.

Chicken cutlet - breast meat and stuffed with sauces. The skin was coated with herbs and was quite delicious on its own.
We stepped into Da Paolo's cake shop when we saw this massive $480 fruit cake - and saw cute Thomas the train cakes and strawberry cakes.
Ended in The Daily Scoop (Chip Bee Gardens) . I settled for Kahlau - coffee liquer after I sampled chilli chocolate, butter pecan. J's tastebuds are screwed saying it tasted like raw eggs with soya sauce, whilst Kelly thought it tasted rather bitter.

J had Earl Grey , K had Salty Mister Brown (sea salt and brown sugar which she declared as her ultimate favourite), Marc had Macademia, D had Cookie monster. And off we went (all but late) recharged, to the breast cts.

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