Saturday, December 19, 2009


It was the Saturday of December (gasp 79 days tks to nat in the car =P)where we had weekend lectures thanks to neuro santa who kindly does charity 3 days of his annual leave..luckily he didnt went on or else I would have missed this lovely lunch at Nadaman (Shangri-La, Level 1) with Jo, Dern, Su, Jiayan and Nat. Happy birthday to the december babies!! (D, J, N =)) and thanks to dern for prebooking. There's a 38% discount with the Shangri la card, which we happily maxed out.

We were reminiscing alot about our batchmates and to our surprise/horror, many of them were getting hitched... its rather interesting how many of our friends turned out to be, from the way we remembered them in secondary school - belts and all. Random meetups or fb stalking does wonders to making surprising discoveries.
I had the Mini Kaiseki - a 7 course meal, and most of the others had the Teppanyaki set (which has alot alot of meat - beef and fish). I really enjoyed my meal (and its many courses). I have been yearning to try a Kaiseki after all those degustations on Japan Hour and this shall be the start to many!

Milk Mousse - don't you think it looks rather deceiving?? looks like cold tofu right?? the girls sampled and some thought it was fermented curd, and nat thought it was like a salty Japanese cheesecake... I would say it tastes like a dessert really (and I really don't mind starting my meal with dessert =P) - yet contrasted with the bursting fish roe atop.

With this strange upstart, I actually had to start asking the waitress what were the various things in my food were cos I really didnt couldnt figure out what I was eating!

Clear broth with Crab meat fish cake - loved the rough texture of the crabmeat cake. There were shreds of crabmeat within. No prompting of what I was eating here..
Tuna and Hamachi - fresh as expected, no less. I adore how they present such a simple dish so prettily and that really captures the beauty of kaiseki,
Yam cake with chicken - there is a slight oriental twist to this - it feels like a fried yam cake, but it was superbly well contrasted with the tart salad atop.
Loved the smooth Gindara the fatty fish literally melts away in your mouth. Those corner chunks were actually fried nuts and was most delicious with the rice.
Fried rice - this tasted really healthy and not oily, with slivers of seaweed. My friends had a different fried rice with their sets and it came with shrimp.
Creme brulee, which I traded with Nat's vanilla ice cream with - this is a caramel curd, and I'd rather ice cream anytime =P
Joanne's infamous Homemade apple cake. This is Priceless! Am glad I traded for ice cream cos it went perfectly with the cake.
Love love the apple slivers and walnut and the crisp crust. This is the BEST ever home made cake ever and I had seconds....

We all applied for the Shang card thereafter. It was a most lovely, wet day and spent with the best people. Its a real luxury meeting up for such a lovely lunch...8 days to Christmas!

With the Shang card, you get complimentary parking if not its $6 per entry on weekends! and $10 for valet...

Found a new love at Starbucks which I'm having as I'm typing this out- the Green Tea Soya Latte...its soooo good I'm staying off the regular Soy Latte as well. And...the Apple Crumble Cheese cake is most awesome!! Shall blog about it sometime...

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