Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fish and Co Part II

This must be the most dramatic meal ever, for us to walk away once, and for us to be back to the restaurant, only to be almost summoned back. Kudos to M, for his moment of chivalry. Poor thing, being more traumatised by the aftermath instead of the true happenings!

A lunch at Fish and Co ( # 03-11 Velocity @ Novena Square) with Justin, Chern Hao, Sharline. And a hobbit like fellow who ran away. Met Agnes here too.
Chocolate pecan pie - desserts are often the best appetisers, really. This sticky chewy version - sticky caramel with chewy chunks of brownie, and generous fillings of nuts is a great way to dispel all that stress, with the wonderful endorphins running around your system to kick start your git.
This is the Baked Ginza Salmon and was most delicious because of the sesame seed coated crisp layer around the fish, that was a great contrast from the smooth fatty pink flesh within.
Coriandar Dory was Justin's and it was really a tad too herbish for my liking.
NY Fish and Chips - essentially cheese stuffed fried fish. I must say I'm quite a fan of their crisp and light batter.

I guess you can tell now Fish and Co is a franchise I really don't mind patronising.... its been eons since I went to their Glass House outlet to eat their Seafood Platter, and the infamous birthday sabo there on Saturday nights.

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