Sunday, December 20, 2009

Joe's Kitchen, Love Confectionary

After Prof Thamb's excellent lecture on approach to joints, and squeezed in a b palsy exam (with the most amazing coned shaped pupils!) in between and renal god's amazing sle tutorial, we scurried off to have lunch before another excellent stroke lecture at tt. many many excellents and amazings in that sentence, but yes. We had an excellent excellent lunch in between those too.

We initially thought of Donut Factory's amazingly cheap lunch set meal deal but cos of the u-turn we had to make at Bukit Merah we headed straight on to Alexandra Village, and because of the crazy parking (lady who misled us, with her dementia like signs!!!) and parking attendent, we ate at Joe's Kitchen at Alexandra Village. And somehow the owner is vaguely related to Marc, which he told us the day after (always like that!! =P). And the first thing that strikes you is the huge printout of ieatishootipost's blogpost on this place (which I recalled and hence brought my friends here in the first place!)

The service by the lady boss here was excellent, attentive and approachable. Could tell it was a family run place, and extremely homely and earnest. Plus they don't charge gst and service charge, with water and napkins provided.

When we were there - the other patrons was the huge corporate like group with boisterous laughter (with one distinctive male one =!) and another really cute unlikelys of oldish couple. Really really sweet and I really wondered how they chanced upon the place! They were trying to find their way back after the meal...and were tucking into a very tempting crab tanghoon !

Anyway, we started off our meal with what I must say the best dish at this place - it has gotta be the mango salad - the mango was really fresh and finely shredded and was a fantastic contrast with the salty white bait atop. A great symphony of sour, sweet (sauce) and salty in one.

Green curry had many baby eggplants which I thought was peas. Green curry was quite creamy but I wish it was laden with more baby green tomatoes and eggplants.
Kang Kong was also super super tasty. I hardly photograph vegetables but this was worth the space cos it was really very good - and the lady boss said her secret was the fire strength, and some fish sauce. Home cooked food can be so simple yet so tasty.

The phad thai was not as wet or had as much wok hei as we fact it seemed almost healthy.
We ordered a Tom Yam soup with fried fish, and another small with seafood. The fried fish one came separately from the soup, and on its own the fried fish was super tasty anyway. The soup should pack more kick!
Mango sticky rice - we misst the ones in First Thai where there were some crunchy bits of barley grains atop.
I was determined to find the old school bakery around Alexandra Village- despite the lurking parking attendent and my groups pereserverance paid off! Thank you guys !

Its amazing how traditional Love Confectionary (Alexandra Village) is - freshly baked cakes displayed without any refridgeration (true testament to the freshness of it!), and wafers and other biscuits in packets. The chiffon cake was plastic wrapped.
Peanut cake - the left one. Notice that it had pandan layers as well? Coconut cake.

Lotus cake - kept thinking the lotus seeds atop was almonds. We also bought a custard puff. The top and bottom - Steamed kaya cake and honey cake was bought from a nameless bakery along the same row of shops as a bird shop (Kels was most startled haha). Steamed Kaya cake tastes like a butter pound cake, and Bengawan Solo has better honey cake actually. But we loved the simple fluffy cakes - it was a lovely tea though in a most likely location at the kopitiam at tt.
I found my new love at Star bucks - Apple Crumble Cheese cake at Star bucks Liat Towers. This is prob the quietest Starbucks at the Orchard stretch. The cinammon apple chunks fills half the cheese cake and there was so much crumble right atop. Oh my!! I love it.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
i really like ur blog! All ur food adventures are really making me hungry!


julie said...

thanks! i enjoy penning my food escapades too.. you've got a lovely blog as well!