Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiong Bahru Market, Udders

It was a tuesday of week one revision - after the morning round and the intensive crf long case, we headed out to lunch before dr tien's tut on fever in the afternoon... to Tiong Bahru Market.

Tau kwa pop - this is the MOST AMAZING ROJAK EVER! Gorgeous presentation aside, what was unusual was the addition of thin papery fish crackers and long slices of raw mango adorning the dish. Even the basic musts of rojak are done perfectly - chunks of you tiao were crisp and pillowy soft dough within, most freshly fried.

Jian bo chee kwuay - grease bomb this was, kinda felt the other stall at TBM had better chee kwuay. Nonetheless, this stall is quite famous!

Ipoh hor fun - this was alright, just that the aunty was super nice, and super generous with the ingredients.
Went to Udders (Goldhill Plaza) with Kels cos Marc (going to see his ortho boss) Kels (going to collect stuff from Pharmacy) and me (getting a letter) shared a cab to ttsh. Marc met us later, so Kelly and I dug into Earl grey, chocolate whiskey with waffles. Bliss!

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