Sunday, May 2, 2010

7ate9, Overeasy

Met so3L last night at 7ate9 (Esplanade) with my Venetian coffee - chiara, wq mils wilson matt (clockwise lol), and i love hearing stories of pet specialties (small animals derm!!!) and certain contempt with some (backyard breeders), and the dental calls too (with a VVVVIP in the mid of the night lol). Miss the convos so much!
Picked Chongs (fresh from sands adventure) at Pan pac and we discovered the BEST NACHOS ever at Overeasy (One Fullerton)! Its called the Farmer's Style Breakfast Nachos and indeed it feels like breakfast food (for a supper at 1am, no less - its good morning, indeed) Its a total surprise given the ingenious idea of adding poached eggs, chunks of chedder and sour cream (and even pasta we think), with the spicy twang from the green chilli (they are Big and Hot). Shall try to replicate this during my next house party...

The night was charged with talk of mannerisms (or lack of them) , the risks vs impulsiveness and the effect of us on children, its just too much to share =)

We dwaddled a bit at Butter before rounding off at Z and a miserable attempt at A..take care in Florida chongs! take calculated risks!

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