Saturday, August 14, 2010

7th Storey Restaurant

It was a Sunday well spent at Jasmine's sister's Jean's wedding at Marina Barrage (though the parking was a nighmare at the start with a foul mouth of a errant driver). It was a lovely venue (though it was sweltering!). It was such a blessed weekend with a birthday and a wedding !
Children were horsing around in the fountain behind the stage ;P congrats to Jean and Hansel!

Dinner was at the 7th Storey Restaurant (Marina Barrage). We were the lucky group that got to sit in the restaurant instead of the al fresco buffet lol . Dinner started with the Sharks fin soup.
Love the plump scallops inside here... Abalone and Vegetables in braised sauce which was really yummy...

Loved the steamed fish too!

Ate way too much chicken so much so that the table was cheering me on to finish up the latter when the dessert was inaccessible to me... Jas was a lil chez off that it was supposed to fried chicken (which was yummier) hence the haggling post dinner ;P i don't mind, chicken in any form is yummy.

Stayed on with Jas towards the end when i got endowed with a bottle of wine !! thanks babe and congrats once again to Jean!

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