Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Domino's Pizza, Prive

Large Meatzza
Regular Classic Pepperoni the yummiest bread ever - Bread Stix
Onion Rings
Chicken Wings
View from the pavilion at Prive facing RWS Sentosa
Perched comfortably!
Yuzu Cheesecake, Walnut Napolean, Hazelnut Praline Cakes from Prive
Baileys Irish Cream Milkshake with chocolate sauce

We were supposed to meet near N's bd but cos kheng had last min work dinner so it was then postponed to fri/sat..short couldnt make it - so it was just kheng, newm and me.. and cos of a left phone and a sleeping saturday me, by 7pm i was the first to arrive (and gleeful i found a secret lot near chulin road) so waited for the boys at old town white coffee; window conversation while ent-ing is quite cute. And i bumped into flyfairy at Kim's Korean restaurant!! there was a mega long queue. No way kheng's going back there for a chilli bomb. Anw flyfairy was for an EOD call and xy post call so it was a cute sleepy couple having dinner..didnt try hard enuf to convince them to go baybeats (which i didnt even go to in the end)

I couldnt locate the pasta place I wanted to try, so it was between the spanish place vs Dominos and of cos boys being boys we headed to Domino's Pizza (8 Chun Tin Road) down the road from old town white coffee cos 1. its pizza 2. its pizza 3. its just down the road instead of having to walk all the way back to Lorong Kilat.

We ordered a value meal meant for 4-5 pax - initially wanted 2 large pizzas but for variety sake we chose this; Classic Pepperoni was upsized and the Meatzza pizza was regular. What i enjoyed most was the bread stix - its crisp cheesy and buttery at the same time and absolutely fluffy inside, enjoyed it so so much. We had 2 crusts - the New York crust (its supposedly lighter hand stretched) and the Crunchy thin crust but honestly i couldnt tell the difference. It was a great balance between crust and topping - its not biscuit/cracker thin like skinny pizza or pepperonis but neither its as chunky as Pizza hut/Rocky's. but kheng was watching the cals (and getting all excited abt cedele opening at rail mall, how creeps) so most of it landed up in the tums of newm and me! Onion rings and chicken was kinda blahh though just go for the doughy stuff.
I really really wanted to join yiks/yh/rous at baybeats which ended late at 1130pm but the boys wanted somewhere quiet to catch up and dessert so instead of noisy udders we headed to the quiet Prive (Keppel Bay).

Pre dessert we were just night gazing at the pavilion facing Sentosa when there were gasp fireworks at 10pm! it was real tiny (but one big smoke bomb) and the cablecars even momentarily froze lol. When the smoke blew over we went over to Prive finally and after roaming around the bar seats we had to settle for the indoor seats;ordered trio of cakes to share and Baileys Irish Cream milkshake with chocolate sauce to share. Out of all the cakes the Hazelnut Praline Cake was the favouritest - the lightest was the Yuzu Cheesecake whilst my Walnut Napolean was the creamiest and mildest.


Anonymous said...

you got the pizzas positions wronged switch it

julie said...

noted ! you are very sharp!