Friday, August 20, 2010

Bodega Y Tapas

Mixed Cheese Platter - with the yummilious crunchy bread sticks
Beef Meatballs
Garlic Prawns x2
Fried Potatoes x2- crisp and doused in BBQ sauce and sour cream
Garlic Mushrooms (supposed to be x 2 - laters)
Spanish Omelette - my favourite for the night, omelette stuffed with potatoes.
Codfish in a yummy creamy sauce

Knocking off early/on time is the life, I visited Kels at kk whoops disrupted some bloods, and had our old dessert of corn/peanut/redbean, and discovering so many breeds of mr bean now (4 months in shaggh is deprivation indeed), it was great catching up - sorry dear for cancelling today!
Zoomed down to Bodega Y Tapas (Level One, Orchard Hotel), been wanting to try this Spanish tapas place for a long time coming - the other place is Bon Quijte; love the joy of sharing the variety. Jo and Amanda were early and waiting at the shopping gallery listening to live music, Yvonne and Karen came later and last but not least, Pang.
We initially made a reservation for 5 so initially had a stool for the 6th person but luckily not. Tapas as follows; drinks were supposed to be one for one (not applicable to jugs) so we ordered glasses instead.

The spanish music and the atmosphere (doesnt help that there's so many expats!!- but they like the alfresco area better, we don't.) really transports you outta Singapore. And midway thru our meal we heard plates smashing at Esmiralda's next door;mayhem indeed.
My favourite for the night remains the Spanish Omelette - of all the breeds of eggs I still love the Japanese Tamago loads - had an amazing one at a Kyoto Izakaya just days back; followed closely by this spanish one. First time I tried it at Zsofi I was hooked!
Anyway the night was spoiled at the end of the night - we had a second round with some repeats when Pang came, and when our second round of mushrooms didnt arrive we asked and they audaciously said it came ! they said they clarified with both the chefs and listened to both sides of the story and INSISTED it came ! it really riled the are of us as of all the dishes would we choose to stinge on the cheapest dish of mushrooms???!! NEVER ARGUE with your customer please. It was enough to leave a bad enough impression despite the wonderful food. Thats the last of it for some of my friends who are never coming back. Some headed to Von's while I headed back for the next day of call;meet up next week again before Von flies!

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