Monday, August 23, 2010

Heart Bistro

Lemon scented water and starfruit mixed fruit juice for palate cleansing
Anti Pasti - Beet root tofu, crabtofucakes, tealeaves salad

Qian's seafood penne dossed in tomato sauce
My crabmeat and shrimp sandwich
Carrot cake
Yi Qian and I met up on a Monday so I could pass her the financiers/cakes from Kobe; Jas still away in Brunei attending a wedding so we just met up first - might not be able to make it till Sept otherwise!

After dropping mummy off I headed to Palais but a wrong turn took me to qian's place then to jas' before I hurried back to the right direction;parked at the dingy Far East Shopping Centre and we met at Heart Bistro (Basement 1, Palais Renaissance).
It was a very quiet place with oldish 90.5 music outta the pipes;otherwise a great place for some gentle talk and just to chillax. Many girls in impossible heels walked around and we spotted the infamous baldie with some aspiring starlet i suppose; it was great for catching up.

Talking about ambition and what drives us to work daily;i guess for me its the anticipation of dinner with loved ones either family or close friends - maybe thats why my mood's always in the doldrums doing call cos there's just nothing to look forward to till the dinner the next day.

For starters we had anti pasti which interestingly did not have any cold meats at all. I enjoyed the crabmeat tofu the most - Chongs its exactly like crabcakes!! very lightly breaded ones they were and very gently fried. The beetroot tofu was a little brittly and too interesting for us; the salad was a notch more interesting than the former - it was tea leaves with crunchy crumbs in an indiscernable sauce.

Qian had the seafood penne whilst I had the crabmeat and shrimp burger. For a small restaurant and small no of clientele you should get every single request right - i requested a change to fries and I was still served the salad - so I had to turn it down and my fries appeared=) hope the salad wasnt thrown away and wasted. Love the crabmeat so so much - I love crab in anything and it reminded so much of the crab kaiseki multicourse meal I saw in Japan Hour that Sunday (when i had the luxury of staying in .......). I miss good crabs so much, must ask grandma to buy again.

Our dessert of the carrot cake was the true highlight - it was chokeful of real shredded carrot and nuts and had a strong cinnamon taste. The sponge itself was light and not too sweet and I really realy enjoyed it (and so did qian). Could have gone for the sticky date pudding/choc mud cake (but not the brightly coloured cupcakes, right qian?? haha triggered memories of her UK cupcakes) but that'll be for another time when we return to use the $ 8 vouchers they gave us after the meal !

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ice said...

I love Heart Bistro's carrot cake!! One of the better carrot cakes I've had, though I've already found the world's best carrot cake soon after. (: