Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prive (Keppel Bay)

April's wedding was the loveliest ever; full of love and praise and a very intimate gathering. It felt like a walk down memory lane meeting the sc girls and my rj friends - mutual frens/scholars/ac/yll frens from Aprils side. Was such a difficult find for the church too and from one of the small junctions i incidentally bumped into tracy!! who was a help with the directions too;difficult to miss a hot babe really!
after the wedding headed to meet S; we met at Starbucks Holland V where i had my first try of the chai tea latte which really really reminded me of grandma's soup seriously. We headed to Prive (Keppel Bay) and had desserts- a little disappointed the other desserts/bar food was not available as we were eyeing the profiteroles/caramel and banana pudding/mini trio of burgers/mini baits- yeah just about all the snacks in the world; in the end had to settle for the cakes and milkshakes.
After stopping him from the beer we had the Kahlau Milkshake to share (cos I tried Baileys before and it rox) - this one is less mild compared to Baileys but still an alcoholic milky yumms. A tad diluted tho, somehow this didnt give much of a kick compared to Baileys. Either my tastebuds have desensitized (!) or its just a weaker version of its other alcoholic cousin.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Cake was a recommendation from Mich so I tried it - its a really dense chocolate cake with a peanut butter layer and a meringue- it was quite a good cake for those fond of dense cakes;but it was not as memorable as the Blackforest cupcake - wow this was an interesting fella! Soaked cherries amidst loose sponge and topped with whipped cream its alcoholic component was not to be trifled with;light but just nice for a mini. All their cupcakes look like mini crumbles and I really wanna try them all!
Guess that'll be for another time when I yearn for a night breeze and chillin with house music again. Hope that area won't be boarded up so much again; and Prive closes so early now!! last order at 1130pm and close by 1230am; vehicles not allowed to come in after that too. Really a nice breezy chill quiet place tho;it must be one of my favouritest place to zone out.

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