Saturday, August 7, 2010

En Dining

What a round about we went for my bd; cabbed to Lynda's ($29.50 no less) before home, then it was a round about thru Cathy and its musuem (no tix to toy story) and we intended to head to Marina Bay but it was the dreaded NDP (btw, its possible to watch fireworks from the higher floors of shaggh) meant the entire stretch thru Raffles Hotel was closed so we ended up heading thru Beach Road seeing the huge line up of tanks and engines ready for its annual display of glory. Luckily with Life in hands we rushed towards Kallang Leisure Park where front row seats for Toy Story 3 awaited us. First row strategy - sit by the side so the angle of elevation is not as impossibe. Met daddos and mom at Coronation (cos PIE beats the NDP jam anytime) for En Dining (Crown Plaza, Bukit Timah Road)- a repeat visit for me.
Deep fried shrimp - love these crispy morsels.
Grilled Tuna - these were tender and i love tuna in everything else but its raw version - when its doused in some source and gently grilled the tuna fishiness is rid.
Beef carpacio - full portion. Love the general portions of the raw beef and this doesnt disappoint - had the half portion the previous time I was here for all myself!
Wafu steak - chunks of tender grilled reds its was really goood!! Medium rare interiors was yumms.
Mixed Sashimi salad - think we were more busy with the roe than the raws.
Salmon mixed platter - too little for too much!

Unagi - fleshy and chunky is a new favourite for meis.
Salmon Roe pasta - salty and fun to eat with the roe bits.
Salmon Zosui for grandma.
Chocolate Ecstasy Cake ordered from Lynda Leong's Bakery - Andrew's sister. I sampled her Chocolate Rum cake before in year 3-4 for Michelle Ang's bd and Hwee Ying ordered the cake from her- it was so fudgy and good. This cake is a chocolate meringue cake - and Lynda said there was rum within the meringue - she kindly agreed to add rum ++ and add nuts to the cake as well (i'm a fan of both). Loved the great balance between fudge and sponge and meringue. She gave me samples for her brownies and pound cake too - I must say that the cab ride to the east (to her place) was 1/2 the price of the cake but totally worth the ride.

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