Saturday, December 18, 2010

Akira Japanese Restaurant, The Link Hotel

We had planned for a team lunch today at Great World City's Imperial Treasure - today was a good day cos of the scientific congress and some teams even made their morning rounds/exit together and encouraged the juniors to go for the conference. S was pretty resistent towards Chinese food, and really wanted to plates and plates of sashimi, so she was pretty happy that the team lunch was eventually cancelled (cos jy had to come back) and we could plan our own lunch. Even the MOs couldnt make it. So D and I drove 8 of us out to Akira Japanese Restaurant (the Link Hotel)- and I shared table with Xh, Yx, and JT. very very happy with our plates of sashimi. Started the meal with the chawanmushi.

JT LOVED the scallops; garlic fried ones piping hot is of cos really good.

Here the mixed sashimi is sliced in chunks but TINY chunks ; and the plates were slow to come! It disappears in seconds, I tell you......go to Ikoi/Irodori for the HUGE chunks.

I loved the eel though......large chunks!

Tamago was sweet ; fried octopus again was JT's favourite.

Fried stuff galore now - agadeshi tofu was mighty delicious when piping hot.
Crabmeat siew mai was not that pipin'....
Mixed tempura was pipin so it was great!
Soft shell crab batter was far too thick...
We had lotsa lotsa sashimi and finally relented with plates of green pods towards the end.....craved for icecream loads as we passes Cheers in the Link Hotel, and actually wanted to plan an icecream outing post work but it didnt happen.... Thinkin back on team 3's good times makes me hungry ;)

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