Saturday, December 25, 2010

Freemantle Seafood Market

Seafood Minestrome soup
Roasted Barramundi with pumpkin risotto
Fish and Chips
Panna Cotta
Gotta love all their retro posters

It was the first day of Chong's posting and with no pt and no rd she was going around being santa - we managed to go out for lunch (but not before a desat happened!) and cabbed out to Freemantle Seafood Market (Clarke Quay) for their set lunch. Actually was supposed to go st to Liang Court to try their beef ramen, but passing Central -we wanted to go shop but the taxi refused to stop for us cos it was way past the drop off point ald so we ended up in Clarke Quay. Feels strange to see it in the day - Zirca, people hanging out in the bars watching repeat soccer matches. But nonetheless it did feel a little unreal being around in Clarke Quay on a working day.

The set menu sounds damn good and we decided the instant we sat down. Loved the posters hanging around the restaurant - so retro and so hilarious. Chongs was describing all the Zouk flyers in the room - what a great idea but mummy would so flip lol. Always asking me to throw out those flyers.

The Seafood minestrome soup came first - most significantly a whole mussel in the soup. Loved the chunks of vegetables in the herby soup. I don't fancy tomato based stuff all that much (unless its my fries dipping into it) but oh after this lovely soup and another previous pasta at District 10 I think I'm changing my mind.

I had the Roasted Barramundi with Pumpkin Risotto (cos this option really jumped up on me when i saw the word risotto). Gosh this is a really really really tiny portion - but everything was really really really tasty esp the risotto. The fish was tender but didnt taste of much. The risotto was soaked in pumpkin puree and was really yumms.

Chongs had the Fish and Chips - boring but good stuff. Ate up much of her fries (my portion was just mighty tiny).

Ended off with Panna Cotta - another tiny portion in a tiny cup and taste very much like cheese cake with berry toppings. Its yummy too.

We had a hard time getting a cab to go back so we decided we'll be conquering all of Clarke Quay's lunch deals - but with the car in the future! (free parking 12-3pm). Chongs was actually more anxious in getting back than I did so after loitering to get a cab (fail) we tried to call one (fail, dunno location) and evenutally dragged our lazy selfs to the taxi stand to get one.

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