Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Gado Japanese Restaurant

It was a post very good colo/uro call and so being quite rested over the night I was pretty happy to have dinner post call with the family. I rem Kheng saying that this Japanese restaurant - New Gado Japanese Restaurant (Chun Tin Road) was good when we walked past it on the way to Dominos so I went online to get the no to reserve....Its got great reviews online! Supposed to be a family restaurant that has been around for a long time; and has just been renovated. Love the homely decor of this place though - i guess its a convenient place for the bt timah folks to have their Japanese fix! Lotsa families inside. The friendly waitress who answered my mom's call was also there as our host, and the service was really good.
Only problem was the parking - the carpark opposite is always bloody full - dropped mom and sis and bro off, left dad and i to park- i tore the coupons and to my dismay the warden was around (and dad didnt tell me and I tore a bit too far ahead of time) and so we loitered in the carpark around the car (lol with plenty of other couples too!!!!!!all super kiasi) whilst dad finished his drink. It was quite a typical Singaporean sight it was quite hilarious.
Kakiage - the batter was light and was extremely delicious!

Same goes for the soft shell crab.
New Gado has lotsa bento sets - I had the sushi set and this has everything I like -noodles and rice. In particular, I really liked the california roll which has lotsa roe and avocado. The udon is also super Q and the broth delicious. This is Japanese comfort food at its best.
Brother had this bento set- the chiraishi corner looks loaded and he was super full after that.
Mummy had the chiraishi set - and she added the eel too. This is really good value for money (with the addition).
Dad had the beef udon bowl..
And Faris had the wakame udon bowl..
We also ordered lotsa salmon sashimi to share and when they ran out, we had the salmon belly.
This place is indeed quite a gem for comfort Japanese food for Bt Timah families!

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