Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fat Boys

Beef Chilli Fries
Onion Rings
It was post the first day of work - I had such a shack day starting at 5am x 2 days in a row that Sat was just saved for sleepin in forever and ever till had to trouble Jas and wm to wait for us since 730 - eh not my fault ah, qian had to go grocery shopping post going out with her sis and i was just in charge of picking her up whenever she finished. We went to Fat Boys (Upper Thomson Road) to satisfy Jasmine's craving for burgers. I think she's been thinking about it so much and kept asking when we'd be free to go! Actually, been wanting to try since Rous told me about it since Playhouse last year, and then I saw the branch at Mohamed Sultan's. But eventually landed up at the original branch here at Upper Thomson. Btw parking here is quite a nighmare alongside this side of the restaurant, but luckily qian knew the way to another parking area ! (albeit a little deserted.) Now I know where to bring pa for the Sichuan Hot pot and more dim sum too ;)

Jas and Wm ordered the above to share whilst waiting for me and qian (and we came just in time for it!). I must say, though the onion rings have a super thickass layer of batter, it was mighty juicy and delicious. The beef chilli fries were just what you'd expect it to taste. Tastes remotely like a particular fast food restaurant's version (Wendy's actually, minus the fries).
My Jalepeno Chilli burger - I'm a greasy burger fan. This burger is a really neat and ungreasy burger!
Yiqian's Skinny Wimp which she gave up the Fat Basterd for. Hahaha.

Well the only way I could distinguish WM (he had one of the menu ones) and Jas's (i think Jas had hers made to order) Chicken burgers were the sides that they had (Jas had coleslaw whilst WM had fries) but now that I took the wrong side profile I had no idea. But they seemed to enjoy their burgers real muchos ;)

My morbid theory came up during the convos that one's existence and enjoyment is built on the suffering of others. Isnt this so ? You are here principally cos your mom had you for 9 months and your parents worked their butts of bringing you up. I can enjoy my weekends cos the on calls are suffering the work for us. We enjoy holidays cos the hotel, airport staff, service staff are there all ready to welcome you. What cynicism ;P

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