Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imperial Treasure (Great World City)

Lunch to bid farewell to Chong for her Japan trip (full of envy sigh, and full of memories for mei and me), to JY after next week (thanks for all the saigang our dear sip), and to Paul the dukie Korean. Mr G had to settle a referral and was delayed hence Jon drove us in his zhng car and driving the way he was despite boss in the car!! I think I drive like a mouse seeing the way normal guys drive. No wonder they hate us on the roads. We headed to Imperial Treasure (Great World City). Supposedly Mr G's favourite Chinese restaurant. It happens to be the first restaurant I took Grandma to eat too, back when I was in Year 3. But that was the Taka branch.

Roast duck - done very well here, skin was roasted to a crisp. I actually started off with the prawn dumpling but didnt capture it - and lotsa other dishes too. Here are the main ones I decided to photograph. Mr G told the story of his fren sharing a BBQ and indiscretion at his Indi fren, till much later into his meal lol.

Poached vegetables with assorted eggs - must have been cos Mr G heard me talk about this that I had in Jin Shan!
Fried rice with beef. Plenty of wokhei and eggy and loads of shredded beef and leek. Fried rice at restaurants are worth paying for man.
These beef balls were EXACTLY done like the way done in Shenzhen, Kels! I really been thinking about these but no dim sum places I've been to (and I've been to loads recently, with Gran) have these. Must have imagined how my face lighted when I saw this basket! Tks Mr G.
These Chee Cheong Fan with scallops were wonderful - skin was smooth and luscious and scallops even more smooth. Perfect in texture.
Custard and Salted Egg Buns were ordered by Mr Goh esp for Chiara. Super fluid like Bosses'.
These egg tarts were really good like those in Hongkong's - buttery in the very right way.
Mango Pomelo Sago - actually wanted the honeydew sago (so it won't be too much of a culture shock for the German student) or even the durian pudding (so that she could try the Chinese version of cheese which only Mr Goh agreed about lol).

Went back with Steffie and Jon - we totally didnt want to go back to shaggh at all. We lingered around the jellybean/multicoloured m and ms shop and saw this lovely snowy structure, whilst I went to get my pens. Lunch outside during a weekday is such a wonderful way to break the routine and feel like a normal person ; )

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