Saturday, December 4, 2010

Casa Verde

The last time I made Qian and Jas and E walk all the way into the Ginger garden was for Halia for my dinner to celebrate my start of work and well this time again we crawled (or rather, fumbled in the dark) to celebrate my bebebebelated birthday at Casa Verde (Botanic Gardens, Visitor Centre). Looks like Botanics is the way to go to celebrate the start of things going for moi.

Meeting was at 7pm after Jas's bball; the girls met in the aftern (Itacho's) before J went for bball and Q went to eat her cakes at paragon...while i drowned in sleep. woke up just in time for the dinner at 620pm so hurried down 77 to Botanics at the Gleneagle's entrance and omg it was a friggin long walk in. When i reached the Ginger Gardens I thought i was already there (and there was quite a function going on there....) but the person waved me over - it was at least 400 metres more!!gg!! tired ++ and no bf/lunch in me yet.

By the time I crawled over, I was the first (qian was lost in the dark in the jungle, while jas had to ferry food to her hungry unwell sis) and there were no indoor seats(unexpected so i didnt make a reservation) so we had alfresco lounge seats. uber cool place to really chill - owners with dogs happily sat around us - there was a very cute toy dog beside our table (with two ladies) before the group of I took over. We later saw a huge bear of a dog walk by and enchanted J and Qian mostly (not me).

We ordered before Jasmine came (in a gorgeous lengthy dress her sis got from Phils..very good taste!! and quite inspiring to emulate too.....), and first up was the VERY YUMMY fried calamari -the batter had herbs and extremely fragrant with the gogonzyle sauce. Omg its so breaded and yummy its one of the best calamaris i've had.

Anti Pasti - loved the grilled veggies lotsa - esp the eggplant, and the cold slab of roast beef as well.
I ate half of this (cos qian and jas took a slice each and wanted no more ;P) and I loved how this Italian spring roll (their signature) has such a chewy crust - we changed the stuffing to mushroom and squid with tons of mozarella. Its like a super crusty calzone
The 4 cheese pizza was loaded+++with cheese and there was a distinct blue cheese aroma. It made each slice very clumsy and a challenge to eat on lounge chairs. Lots of cheese, lots of grease, and very happy girls.

We sure needed the energy to walk all the way out - there was no cab all the way out to NIE. Qian was in a rush to go to Kbox while Jas was gonna meet her bf for mj. And she told me the whole story of the girl with the dragon tattoo (must borrow from her soon). I miss my girls so much ;) Miss E loads too; cant wait for her to be back in Dec.

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Les Amis Group said...

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your very kind review of Casa Verde! We are very glad to hear that you chose to celebrate your birthday at Casa Verde, and that you and your friends enjoyed your experience and the food.

After reading the mini-adventures that you and your friends went through to get to there, I have a better and quicker route to share with you to make your next trip less difficult.

The fastest way to get to Casa Verde by bus is to alight at Bukit Timah Road, just after Kheam Hock Road and walk against the traffic towards Evans Road. Continue along Evans Road until you reach the Nassim Gate. Walk in towards the Visitor Centre, and you will see Casa Verde very quickly after that!

We look forward to welcoming you back to Casa Verde, or any of the other outlets under the Les Amis Group!

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.

Best regards,
for the Les Amis Group