Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lai Lai Beef Noodle

Today's gastrect took forever and it turned out to include a splenect (plus, re-went for for hemostas at midnight); hence resulting a really late dinner at 9pm-ish. This was the day that C and i were craving for durians the entire day, and having cravings for random things in Geylang (claypot, porridge, dim sum, etc etc etc) but in the end when Matt scooped us from shaggh we passed by Chinatown and was on the way to Liang Seah instead cos Geylang was just too far away. We ended up at Lai Lai Beef Noodle (Liang Seah Street) cos I had a really good beef bowl here the other time I was here with Xue and Nat( even C remembers Nat raving about it). Its time for a revisit.
We each chose sets so that we could share all the sides. A set included a stewed beef noodle, a side dish and a drink - we all took the red tea bubble tea.

Century Egg Cold Tofu was Matt's favourite. Lovely combination of comfort food.Salt and pepper fried chicken - batter a tad thick for the fried chicken but this will make you crave insanely for the KFC popcorn chicken or the ji pai at Shihlin.
Fried Beancurd - again comfort food.
Chye Poh with omelette: this was my favourite!! Never knew Chye poh tasted SOO good with fried egg. Bit of salty goodness with the chye poh is heavenly.
Stewed beef noodle with noodles- this is their signature noodles in a stewed beef soup, which has quite a unique taste- much like the ox tail soup that my grandma/dad cooks. Its got a herby taste that you've gotta get used to, but other wise the chunks of stewed beef within was marvellous.

Things always taste best the first time round, and I guess thats why I always like surprises ; totally not a creature of habit. Thanks M for the ride home and for the CD too - 60 tracks which my radio unfortunately couldnt play. Miss my food club tremendously ;P till our next durian dinner!!

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