Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Centre PS

(Clockwise from bottom left) Chestnut, Pistachio, Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate green tea Red bean, Cheesecake and chocolate tart. (they all are supposed to have really fancy names)
On a day when the skies were looking grey and gloomy I suggested walking all the way to Tiong Bahru (we wanted to try Forty Hands but we couldnt find it - i kinda thought it was near Pralat), we ended up in Ah Chiang' s Porridge again, for the second time in the week (Mon, Wed). We ventured further way past TBM in an attempt to locate Forty Hands (yeah we were quite desperate..) we walked further and the consolation was we walked right into Centre PS for the cakes. There was once I passed by this cake shop but didnt stop for the cakes. No regrets stepping in, cos we were totally sugar happy from our platter of 6 cakes..

Kelly's favourite was the chestnut vs pistachio whilst mine was the chocolate red bean green tea (yeah, all in one...shiok) vs the choc tart.

The service here is fantastic - they told us where Forty Hands was (its actually right round behind the block, where the TBM bus passes), and when the happy cake platter disappeared and we had to face reality back at work and no cab in site, they happily lent us a huge umbrella (cos we are huge....) and we caught the last TBM back, for me to be the MSW guest speaker for mr s c s (put in my 2 cents 2 sentences and pray rehab will take). The umbrella's still with me weeks into this entry, and finally by this time I've also finally tried Forty Hands and we have a date back to try the brunch too ;) Better return that brolly soon.

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Hi! May I know where is this shop located? Thanks!