Saturday, May 7, 2011


Crab and mushroom Porridge

Sushi platter

On the labour day public hol, my reg gave me the best ever present by exemption and hence slept in till had to accompany m to sime darby to browse a silver and red then eventually we went to browse tours at Chinatown and m couldnt believe the land prices of the Guilin tour tilll she went home to check out the airfares which was mighty ridiculous. Liang court's Kino was having a 20% off in lieu of their 11th anniversary so I headed to pick up my secular bib and the (4!) wine manga and finally had a late tea at Tampopo (Level 1, Liang Court). Some very comforting food we had - even more comforting with the 10% discount. Not for the 3 takeaway cakes though, which came home mighty squashed - esp the Chiffon Cheesecake. The others were the green tea chiffon and the wonderful as always Scoop cake.

M and I had the Crab and Mushroom Porridge, and I have been wanting to try their sushi or sashimi platters (they looked so good on hautestuff!) and finally we got down to trying it. Sublime. We had a sushi platter. Freshest you can have on the plumpest rice grains. Maybe havent had Japanese in some time. The omelette was strangely orange, and is the sweetest I've had.

Went to town to recee the hair salons - the Korean one at Borders is mighty mighty ex and my old one at tj pagar's sister outlet was just packed so didnt manage a cut at all. Managed one on Mon thou, and with a foam-dye it was a much cheaper alternative.

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