Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Burger Bench and Bar

On a Thursday take and I was not doing the take I was at the dsot doing my very first piles and then subsequently 2 more skin tags and ended at a decent time to be jio to catch a show with chong and the ong brothers. They planned to watch priest at an (indecently early!!) time of 725pm (at Balestier too!!) but eventually it was pushed till later after they decided to start off with table tennis at marc's house followed by dinner. I was amazed I still remembered my way thru mt rosie. I guess I subconsciously missed the good times.

We headed to dinner at Burger Bench and Bar (Level 1 Cineleisure) my favourite burger place in the world (ok, maybe in SG haha - i still miss the Angus burger in HK). We started out with more at the table tennis and eventually ppl started falling out so for the actual movie it was just the brothers and the twins. Anyway, we had a long catch up over dinner - I finally tried the green curry catfish - its gotta be the crispest fish fillet I've had. Others had the beef burgers in numerous forms -Chongs had the pseudo ramly (beef omelette), the brothers shared the caramelised shrooms and the sarawak black pepper. Glad they all liked the burgers loads!! (sigh, to think I jus had macs just before typing this entry).

The best thing was that the brothers had the amex card which entitles you to $7 tickets on weekdays plus 1 medium popcorn for every 2 tickets...mummy i need a sub card soon....

Anyway. The Priest was a vampire version of Jurassic Park. Startling effects, action packed and eye candy galore. Horror thriller, but I kinda grew out of vampires since my Buffy days. needless to say the twilight saga. Haha.

Chongs and I were tempted to go for drinks but we wanted to save energy for the weekend but it was for nothing!! ;( Sadly fri night was a wasted drive out, and sat with nat's didnt happen neither. And Sun's call. Bullocks there goes the weekend and the 3rd consecutive PH also burnt with work. New phase of working life doesnt seem very restful.

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