Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger

Freshly cut potatoes, Onion rings

My last day as a ho was marked by a list of 4 pts, and with emperor w back I spent my pm deployed to the g clinic. But before that, we headed out for a late bf (and still had to rush back for a change to off a chest t) at Central. Nearest place with shops. It was a spontaenous choice of Freshness Burger (Central, Level1). The last I had Freshness Burger was in HK - again it was the nearest shopping center near our hostel, and was the terminal stop for the bus.

I had the Freshness Burger and L had the Classic cheeseburger. The meat was tender and the bread looked like french toast (it seemed fried on one side). For me, the huge ass tomato was kinda in the way. But it was quite a good one - a good very light one. Could have seconds

The fried potato wedges were kinda disappointing though. Not fresh outta the frier. The onion rings were, and the batter ultra light making it sublime. Size is a plus too ;)

Caramel Macchiato, Kiwi mix protector

The drinks are worth a mention - L had the caramel Macchiato and I tried the kiwi mix protector - never ever had a blended kiwi (the sourness puts me off) but this was really refreshing. Lotsa pulp to boot.

I bought more foodstuff for K (her spam and kit kat sweet potato) and even shoes (thats for myself). It was such a luxury till it all ended when we came back at lunchtime (we went out at breakfast time). Summoned down to clinic and then after a pre-op L cont'd with her call and off I was into the next phase of life. Moving onto a different place in a different phase would be quite daunting.

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