Saturday, May 28, 2011

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Vegetables (plants have difficult names to remember...)

Cold Chicken with sesame sauce (animals are easier)

Vegetables with trio of eggs

Awesome possum Peking Duck Pre op

Entering by layers.... to be ingested with sugar grains


After some buzzing....

Post Markus Schulz (it was fab 1am-5am set, with a power encore) I didnt have much of a snooze after macs bf at clarke quay - prob settled into bed at 830am and by noon I was up getting a text from qian post hair makeover, so I headed to pickup the texts from novena and the brows done before picking her at Wisma to go to the 1st month's of Ewan. The pm kinda passed in a blur after the nasi lemak from Adam road - the usual food coma sunk in and I was in tandem with the baby too. Loved the scribes on the walls. Makes it so personal.

Missed out on the bath + monopoly deal while I was totally knocked out on the sofa (they ripped all the cardboard from the play room without me noticing) and around 720pm we departed for Paragon to try Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck (Paragon, Level 4). We went for the 2nd seating as the 1st was full. Uber posh and the food was also quite mind blowing.

Cosy it was in our little pavilion (though we were next to a boisterous room with multiple courses!!!) with our own pillows. We booked our duck for the night and had some veggs to detox - poached spinach in 3 eggs, a lovely lotus flower crunchy cold vegs which I really cant remember the name of!, and a chicken with glass noodles + veg cold dish to start off.

The Peking Duck was of cos the most exciting part - the first eat was the top most layer to be eaten with sugar, and 2nd eat was the skin and meat to be eaten with veg and crepe, and the 3rd was the minced duck stir fry to be eaten with the lettuce. love them ALL! J is gonna bring her future in laws here while I'll bring my fam here too esp since we all love duck.

Thanks for the treat Qian. Cant wait for E to be vack though Qian will be away by then. Happy birthday 0.25 ;) thanks for your mag too J - bless your lovely nephew, congrats!!

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