Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ootoya (Clementi Mall)

On elections day on Sat, my family decided to have a moms day dinner and at first I was thinking of standing sushi bar but no one wanted to try a new place so then I had a moment of brilliance thinking about Ootoya (almost wanted to be boring and just return to the comfortable sakuraya which is gonna be less crowded now). We headed down to Ootoya (Clementi Mall, Level 3) - its location is a little obscure, behind the Starbucks - but still the queue was snaking. And for good reason - for that opening weekend all their sets were going at $9.80!! (and dad joked that after election weekend the offer no longer stands). For the mega load of food here to feed 5 hungry souls was under a hundred bucks - and we ordered 6 sets and lotsa sides.

Wakame seaweed that was rather interestingly savoury with the kelp. I like the way the japanese do their lady fingers too. Minimal sap.
My set was the Scallop rice set. I liked the fact that the rice was heated throughout my meal - Cold rice is just depressing. Should invest in one of these (esp since I'm always attacking the ingredients first)

Set came with a chicken egg tofu soup that would do well with some rice cooked within the broth too.

We ordered additional 2 fish sets- the above being Hoke and the one below the Mackerel. The Hoke was the better one - smoked to perfection, and its an oilier fish. Bones were a pain, but creatures which have difficult access tend to taste better. Mmm crab anyone?

Dad's hamburger steak set
A's Chicken katsu set - came doused in soup.

Mei's Soy bean multi grain porridge that she liked but a tad salty. Had this when I was with Carol. Healthy neednt be boring.

Mommy's QQ udon.

Adjourned to the pharm where I managed to find some physiogel on offer and dad finally got his bp machine.
Happy mom's day -Trio of Hilton's cheesecakes- Blueberry, American, Marble. I actually liked the Marble best cos of the dark choc swirls.

Next day post take was a mega long 2.5 hr round with solo reg (cos the others were at an m3 exam) and poor him had to supervise my i/ds till late. (it was day before regs changeover.) Thanks Mr C for all the guidance ;) Tried to head to nov to get an atlas but alas it was too heavy and I headed to town instead and got the trio above for mommy. Alas by 8pm no more whole American Cheesecakes left and hence the trio which will be over in a gulp. Haha.


m said...

I've been going to the Ootoya at Clementi mall too! 2x in the last 3 weeks! love the makeral (though they were sold out the first time i went). Hope ur having fun in gs! :D

Anonymous said...

yes, ootoya is really nice! love the makeral and i always order the glated yam.. yum yum... =P service staff are very polite too!