Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oriole Brunch

On Vesak when we only had 4 pts to see, and after boss came after to see his ocularis job/icu i was free to go, and thanks to ml's lift i got to town in no time, and at a very unearthly hour too, when none of the shops were open and i headed down all the way to borders and on my way back, I found my pink pr. bag - which was kept inside getting ready to be shipped back to Korea - i nearly misst it. Reserved it hoping to pick it up later (which I did, after a long story). I was the earliest and waited inside Oriole (Pan Pacific Suites) for the girls - who were all quite punctual! Dont like being hungry waiting for late folks. Anw, I had to come here again to try the brunch - cos the last time I tried, I came on a Saturday, which was damn disgusting cos it was right in between a public holiday and a Sunday, which are the only two occasions they do brunch. Fate is meant to be changed, so here I am, yet again. Great excuse for great coffee. Great company with the trio too esp E who is very much missed. And she misses seeing Jas's again!
Fries cos Jas was craving for some. The thick potato wedges must have been dusted with some parmesan, and was lovely with the dip.
Oriole Big breakfast. This is a platter where different people with different restrictions have an excuse to share. The steak's mine. Reminds me of the iron cast breakfast of Graze's.

Lamb sausages- this was pretty interesting, except for the fact that the sausages were a little anorexic. It was fun to eat the chickpeas/tomato/cheese combination you see on the right.

Buttermilk pancakes, with lotsa cream and chunk of banana. This in turn, suffered from a lack of maple syrup. You need, you ask, cos none is given! Pancakes without maple syrup (and butter....) is most unfortunate.

Chilli chocolate mocha to wash it all down.

Indeed our convos revolved around the different stages of a rships (which 3 of us are, incidentally). rships are indeed a great way to discover yourself again. Reacting to a whole new situation, and rationalising it means you're on your way out of love isnt it. How very cumbersome. My homework is to watch Strangers, again. Haha. But its great to welcome E back again. My rational half is back for a bit ;)

Walked her to her mom and gran at Robinsons, before heading to quiksilver- disappointing range there. Family pick up in a new one ;) and headed to pick up the new pr bag ;);) and then headed for a ride before H beckons. Bye old j and welcoming the new baby into the family!!

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