Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shots, Kki

We were actually pretty free but delayed lunch till about noon on a Fri, a clinic day. Some new incomers actually came over to help (when they werent really supposed to) but not ours. Anyhow, we left to Shots (Ann Siang Hill) to try out the lunch food. I've been here twice but it was always just for the coffee.
The pretty colours of my Tiramisu latte (Cold). A little sad to mix it all up to get a uniform colour.

Roast beef


Roast beef and Primevera tasted about the same after a while. The Primevera was a fancy name for a vegeterian sandwich - lotsa peppers and shrooms inside. Im beginning to take a fancy to vegeterian food. Au naturale's the way to go.

The real happiness was revisiting my picture book shop at Club street and then discovering a new vintage clothing shop right next to Kki, Om. I started with picking up one black/white and black piece, and Louisa then directed me to buying 2 more white ones -_- and another tiny black one for mommy. 5 tops! In a takeaway bag that resembles food. Haha. L will be back to buy more dresses.

Strawberry Champagne

L bought more trinkets here in Kki (Ann Siang Hill). My first here was with X, who directed me to the right place (would have bypassed it totally). Spotted a bright red cake the Strawberry Champagne which is pretty interesting. The red composes of tiny red powder particles covering the mousse. There is a strawberry jam core within. Real delightful to eat. Three quarters into the cake, L suddenly said she could taste the champagne. Haha. I might be immune.

The mont blanc xoxo love at second sight.

Came back with one of those for kels and got a scolding for not inviting her. Haha. Off again the weekend (labour day!) gonna miss the breast days.

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