Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aston's Express, Tampines

Post very gd 8/call boss took us out to lunch. Night was free (and esp gd, starting off with arnold's fried goodness for dinner tks to mr s who remembered!) except for a 5 hour r/hemi which i was spared from, so actually still had the stamina to make it out. Headed to Aston's Express near Tampines Round Market, with everyone in toll. Meat tastes especially good after a (shiok) call.
We shared garlic bread and a sausage platter (which I was too slow to capture).

Lamb chops with sides of onion rings and fries.

I was quite pleased cos for once the lamb was not anorexic. The indulgent oil bomb marks the end of a fantastic call, blessed with post call re-arrangement of otm and another volunteering to scrub for a bilat hernia repair thence, home stat. Meat bliss.

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