Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Papa Palheta, Pluck

Thought we might get a chance at getting the whole day off, but in the end it turned out to be still not escaping from the angiejolie presentation in the am (no questions asked abt list and no icu folks to present too), before heading to an extremely light reg clinic (where i only saw one cervical ln) then fetched the girls over to sgh, passing by the gorgeous scenery in the glorious sunlight on the way to the accreditation. Sadly all the cold cut trios went to all the important people and I was left with the egg mayos ;( tastes exactly like the bengawan solo sandwiches.

Pretty impressive, popped up mostly during the interview and the only thinking qn was what we would change abt it, went round the table with jl concurring with myself haha. D just killed us all with funds, but otherwise cross our fingers we don't have to go thru it again!!

Lingered till another round happened with the faculty and to the mo room where W counselled us on our first month insecurities (you're really the man....) we persuaded pek to forgo a bilat hernia to join us at Papa Palheta (140 Bukit Timah Road), where caffeine happiness lies. Gosh its soooo difficult to locate this place! Enter by Hooper Road, and its NOT facing the main road. Its the back lane. And when you enter it feels like trespassing into someone's backyard. Kitchen in the backyard. Very limited bar-window seats in air con comfort, but cos it was a cloudy rainy day it was also quite pleasant to hang out outside.

And the first greeting was, Hi there there's no menu and you girls look like you do ice coffee.

Yes sir. Any milk based ones?

Yeah...latte, cappucino, flat white

Yay flat white for me please, followed by Latte for Wans and Cappucino for short. Only gripe is that there is no food (food is everything to me, and I was craving for a cake). Drinking coffee here seems to be as strict as eating sushi under the eyes of a strict watchful japanese chef. No sugar allowed okay. But fair enough, the steamed milk gives this natural sweetness none of us needed to add the sugar after. We all LOVED the coffee. (though I'd love love soy latte, which they said upfront they don't do) Here all payment is in the form of tips but the guiding price is $4 each..Quite a bold concept to have here, where the tipping culture is not in vogue.

The trio of us wanna aspire to be the watch shopping trio one of these days, and halt all questions on why this. Concurring on the rawness of the juniors and the seemingly apologetic self for being in this programme is the most frustrating. Nonetheless this marks the end of the first month and having survived the culture shock of the different ball game.

Abintan came to join us midway, with a very sleepy post night. Amused greatly by the marathons and the agony. Short and him left for dinner with frens whilst Pek was MOST tempted to follow me down to Haji Lane (with utmost difficulty in parking) and I happily loaded on accessories (necklace, ring were mini joys) and we spent a good two hours there. We dropped by Pluck (Haji Lane) to have ice-cream - Nuts and Honey ( Walnuts in Honey icecream) and Butter Pecan. I chose the former while Pek chose the later and I really am a fan of the former. Reminds me of the ice cream at KPO. Butter Pecan on the other hand makes me miss Gelare! The one at holland v and citylink mall has closed so...where're you now?

Pek's stamina to shop and to bother to try all the dresses (though getting nothing) amazes me. Must check out her Pickering Street shop soon. Miss you woman.

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