Saturday, June 11, 2011

Canopy Garden Dining and Bar

The night before we met, J was dying to try Canopy Garden Dining and Bar at Bishan Park - cos her dear was never free enough for weekend brunch. So off we were the next day, getting picked up in my new darling ;) to the place itself, albeit in threatening weather (which cheered J cos she thought her dear would have a chance at going for her mom's) but when we reached our destination it was cloudy duddy perfect weather for tea. All confusing that am after my stitching course and J getting caught up with family resulted in tea instead (but better than never!). Thank goodness it was not spoilt by a fine, something we remembered too late more than halfway into tea. Shall try to keep my darling taint free !

The place itself reminded us very much of Botanics, but a miniature version. Even the restaurant itself is a miniature version of the likes of Halia and Casa Verde (ooh, that 4 cheese pizza....). How to hold a wedding here?? Pretty place indeed, pretty small too.

Y and J chose blueberry smoothie and avocado-soy (not gao enough) but I tried the Mojito with Earl grey tea. I guess after Artistique at Mandarin I've been raring to try more alcoholic teas but I think.....alcohol goes better with icecream!

This Eggs Royale I liked cos the muffin beneath was still crisp. Quite difficult to have cos it always gets sogged out by the Hollandaise sauce. But then again, a dearth of Hollandaise sauce is also a cardinal sin. A balance yet again.

When the pancakes arrived I first thought of hotcakes, but this was a much sweeter version. Butter x 3 more please.

Qian also ordered her fries - which is the favouritest of them all really. Crisp and thick, they were awesome possum. I kinda liked dipping them into the maple syrup. Haha. Reminds me of the youtiao dipped into the sweet tauhuay sauce the night before ;)

And desserts definitely looked prettier in pictures than were displayed! So none for us yet. I guess I'd wanna try the trio of burgers (chicken satay, cod and wagyu beef in mantou (which seemed fried)) if I do return..

After the tea and sending J off to get her cake Q and I went to City hall, where I picked up the mini Clinique, and in a hunt for shoes I picked up 2 tops instead. Always in excess, but never enough for those that I need.

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