Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lobster Place

Post very shack call of 21/with zilch sleep and reg clerking side by side thru the night (2 majors and 2 butts) and cos boss needed to attend a pta, we rounded 630 and by the time we were finally done it was still running around to settle ercps and a faux pas of a scan. Didnt start off well when someone muttered fantastic luck and at that very moment the text of a TA arrived. Oh well. Boss took us out to Lobster Place (and my breakfast was just nicely settled in my stomach, just an hour ago). It is at ITE East, at a conference room converted to a restaurant. Marvellous view of landing planes, though.
My face lighted up when I saw the 6 lobsters nicely soaked in its broth. They showcased the raw ones too, prior to this. Lobster porridge is awesome possum.

Lobster Porridge - but somehow I kept thinking of the Keisuke Tokyo prawn ramen. Thats like noodles soaked in lobster bisque. I'm distracted.

Vegetable and abalone mushroom, when boss asked if I minded the mushrooms - I don't like abalone, I clarified.

Mango prawns, full of soggy salty mango chunks.

After the first round, boss ordered more - since i thought i was full at the start of lunch, the more i ate, paradoxically the more hungry i seemed ;( we wanted to try the mongolian chicken but there was no more ! So we had the prawn omelette instead. So fluffy it looked like my daily egg thosai.

Roast chicken, instead of mongolian chicken. Esp since I saw many tables ordering this (we saw many students!!). Not bad, the skin was thin and crisp. Sigh, my weakness is fried chicken. When's my next bonchon/arnold's.

We attended to the face/b after we came back, and guzzled milos non stop at exits at p, and was celebrating the cancellation of a lap chol (which turned out to have ca h f!) and off we were to dinner at vivo and ted baker. That is worthy of an entire entry in itself, it was rather insane, even given my standards of volume.

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