Wednesday, June 1, 2011

House, Acid Bar

Got the weekend off for the pledge taking - dad gave me a lift to m/w and then after headed down but was almost late, so had to cab from holland v. Still ended up lingering around the foyer with kels before we headed in. A little strange to be in the same pledge taking as many foreign (and familiar) regs/even acs (our dear vir lady haha). It was like grad ceremony again, worse still cos many in the crowd werent that familiar. Even the panel up on stage too.

When it was all over, we remained in our seats to capture our last moment collectively as a class, then we broke off for a catered lunch, but shortly after our cg headed out - and all in J's van - Wm and I ended up being very very squashed behind in the boot. It was rather traumatic cos we kept imagining the boot will give way and we'll roll out, all ready to be rolled over by the incoming traffic. But we survived !! Made it to the destination, House (Dempsey). In time to find 2 other groups (Pek's, and Ian's cliques).

Over the dinner, D recounted his horror stories while M was all ready to play punk with him soon to test the waters. The tale of fooling the operator got D in stitches but everyone'd love to witness the him at work. Haha. It was nice getting everyone tog, as Daryl almost couldnt make it.

My favourite ever sweet potato nibblets, and also the truffle fries which never saw my camera lens before it disappeared. Kels where are you lets go and try the PS's truffle fries on M's blog.

I was never a fan of Skinny Pizza until I tried this Fig and Cheese one. Its really fruity with the plump fresh figs. On the other hand the Veal one tasted very much like atas rendang.

If i ever do land up here again I'd wanna try the Truffle mushroom one.

Chocolate toffee cake was a favourite of Marc's. I guess I never looked at choc cakes the same way again after PS's. Size-wise.

Strawberry short cake was also popular, and I like it that the cake was warm - not after we drowned it in sauce though.
Jeremy requested for the carrot cake, and D asked for the Salted caramel cake (not pictured cos I had it with Kels before). My favourite remains the latter. Such interesting take on textures.
J kindly dropped us at DFS (where it was a hidden excuse to shop more!) , and we headed to Ion to see the blue B.V. bag that never was (sigh, regrets are left in HK) and hungry us headed to Hu-Hu Udon (B4, Ion Orchard). I had the cold Udon. My favourite cold one is still the one mei and i had at a Kyoto train station. Best ever. Doused in tasty light sauce with plenty of seaweed. The closest here would be Tetsu in Tanglin Mall.
Kel's curry beef udon. Tasted pretty much like my usual maggi mee kinda curry flavour.
Soon after we headed to Acid Bar. Recollection of Chong's the first time we were here. Fries and Calamari combi, along with Sangria is, well, bliss. Esp with the right company!
I was happy enough they played my all time favourite Under the Bridge, as requested. I never tire of that song, accousitic, though its been a long time since Z.

Met Chongs that night too ;) great full stop to the goodbye.

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