Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tippling Terrace

A second day in a row sitting in the spankin new clinic f is quite enough. Piles muchos, and thereafter at least did a coolbeans pilomatrixoma and off to the tp to check out the turbulence ++. Met the mountains post itacho at Tippling Terrace (Dempsey), the cocktail offshot of Tippling Club. It felt like expat wonderland (one of which has the bottega I'm eyeing too haha)

Very cute Apple pie drink. Its actually a rectangular glass encased in this apple pie box - beware the cool fillings ;) would be great if they had pie flakes and apple chunks instead of ice chunks, but alas it was apple liquer and cinnamon.

Bar snacks are the drawing factor for me, and this truffle fries was quite a shocker when it came. Why does it look like the fries counterpart of the Iggy's burger :( it was more like potato sticks then fries! And after the apple pie I couldnt taste no truffle :(

On the other hand the Dempsey Hill looked like such a pretty landscape. Gorgeouslicious, the soil base was filled with pisatchio, white and dark chocolate sponge bits, and the branches a delicate dark chocolate biscuit with mint leaves. A delicate art piece it was.

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