Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oriole Lunch

Met up with Jo and Jills on Jills bd (happy bd!! hope you like the sketchbook of heels ;)). Re arranged for lunch to be earlier. I was quite indignant I didnt get to try the brunch cos we met on a Saturday, and they only served brunch on Public holiday (which was yesterday) and Sunday (which is tomorrow). Bummer. But anyways was happy enough to meet the girls and to get the office jacket from Jills. Thanks loads!!

So here we are at Oriole (Pan Pacific Suite) ,my favourite hangout in town for great coffee. Citrus Sin and Chilli Chocolate Mocha are by far my favourite too. After a while, they kinda tasted similar. Haha. I must have been distracted by conversation.

Calamari was really good and dusted with good stuff. Spice and nice.

Squid ink pasta with crabmeat - this was delicious too. We wanted to relive the squid ink days of Ma Maison so here we were trying squid ink out again. Tangy with the tomatoes and indulging in chunks of crabmeat.

Philly cheesesteak was a favourite too, heavenly between toasted buns. This makes me miss the steak sandwiches from Morton's.

Desserts - of which Honey crumble Affogato's still the all time favourite.

We walked to Uniqlo where Jills has already decided on her prison garb, whilst was at HMV trying to source for cheap ear phones but of cos couldnt find any. Jills had to go back to change to head to attica to continue her bd fun whilst Jo was also heading back so I was back shopping again. Bliss is team2 ;)

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Yixiao said...

agree that oriole's affrogato is amazing! but what is that towering heap beside it?