Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eighteen chefs

On a particularly light clinic day, when many were blocked cos some went for the part3 prep course and hence only a record of 10 pts to see (i only hit half a column....), so we quickly headed out for lunch at Eighteen Chefs (East point). It being the school holidays we actually snagged a seat inside (got shooed in) though mr l kinda missed his dosage of vit d. haha.

Ate here twice - when i was a student and then when i was working.. feels like very nydc, maybe on a budget. Bright, colourful, cheery and everything with self service, but with the boss still playing host.
The soup with bits of corn. Didnt catch the name but I like almost any kind of creamy soup.

Since I've been always trying the cheese baked stuff, I decided to try the new items on the seafood menu - Salmon with orange butter. Again nothing can go wrong with lotsa cream but....I'll stick to the cheese baked stuff if i'm back again! I miss the Three Amigos at NYDC lots. Anyone wanna relive teenage years with me at NYDC again?

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