Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Flo Rida, Wavehouse

It was a wonderful mid week cos I got the day off (it was full op day....muahaha) so went out with mama to check out the mango sale (it was the 1st day..madness) but in the end I didnt get anything ..she got espirit shoes, mango pants and a coach bag (wah the sale's really not bad....)..she's a happy camper. I'm one cos I was heading to the Flo Rida concert at Wave house after.... and I had a full day of rest!

This place brings us nice memories of Far East Movement not too long ago. A real chill place to hold a concert, and rather intimate too. And the best thing is, it serves food!
Fries.. Chong's poison poison ;)

Flo Rida got all his girls up for Low, and he's super interactive - throws everything possible to the audience - towels, shoes, and as he stripped he just threw it all into the audience He was prob all ready to go home naked ;) everyone tried to get a piece of him as he ventured into the audience. The sweetest was when he threw roses! ;)

Chongs tried to get me to rsvp Ku De Ta but I didn't (sighh...don't switch on my com much at home....) but alas, we still got it...the club itself was like a Phuture in the air. Foggies still rockin to katy perry and gaga...

But the view was fantabulous. More so than New asia cos it was open air. Yet not as windy as I thought it might be. New Asia definitely has a better 360 view, esp since its nearer the city, but being exposed outdoors at Ku De Ta was quite a different feeling..

The highlight for us has gotta be the infinity looks like its 50m! I could swim here everyday....

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