Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Two fat men

Fish and Chips


Grilled Squid

After a particularly good post take, I could actually head down to E's right on the dot at 5. Went to Two Fat Men (East Coast Road) for dinner after didnt feel like italian's for dinner. Possibly drove much of the length of the East before this caught my eye.. could even remember that it served Thai food.

Had quite an overdose with fries, with the fish and chips, wings and an additional beef chilli fries. The grilled squid came quite naked without dressing, but when the thai chilli came it was actually quite delicious - grilled squid gotten right has this crisp bits which I quite like. Otherwise...the bar was a pretty chill place to hang out after work - they even screened tennis. We were quite oblivious though ;) finally understood my infamy in theater..

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