Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Plain

Flat White, Soy
humpty dumpty with vegemite soldiers - dippy eggs with vegemite on buttered toast sticks
dean's breakfast - poached eggs on melted cheese and vegemite sour dough toasts

Pastrami ciabatta - beef
The cute coinbanks at Bon Heur Patissiere

Eiffel in white

Bouheur Patisserie - chocolate tart

Chest nut Mont blanc xoxo for K

On eve of Good Friday it was KK's last day and hence 3 of us (K, L and i) (none of us were needed in ot/clinic) having had breakfast at hman's post m's still went onto lunch soon after. Having risked getting lost (actually we wont cos my human gps is around) we took a cab there. And I found out that the wonderful coffee place that Kok was talking about (other than toy) was The Plain! absolutely lousy at remembering names esp after renaming my idol (AVB)to a certain bebier ugh.

We took a cab there but backtracked a little back to the restaurant The Plain (Craig Road). Its a very discrete place (very black and white). We were rather surprised to find seats still at lunch hour (unlike 40 hands!) - and right at the end there was a huge dining table, donned with lotsa mags like Appetite, Time out and... Monocele! Even further back there was another corner dining table where Kok was envious of his fren donned with human accessories. Not like he wasnt actually. Tsk tsk.

We found our own table and realised the menu was full of Marmite stuff which was a very aussie thing which I guess L was happy about. I liked the toast soldiers muchos simplier cos it was mini bite sized and really salty. Fun to dip into the soft boiled eggs. Marmite simply makes everything very salty. Dean's breakfast seems like the adult version of the toast soldiers, laden with cheese. I'll give the beef salami a miss the next time round. It seems like they rotate around the items on the menu quite a fair bit so i'll be due for a return visit soon.

Having read about Bonheur Patissiere (70 Duxton Road) this up and coming French patissiere, we decided to check it out cos we were just round the corner- didnt realise that at all. But twas nice. Bonheur, is French for Happiness. Anyways, supposed to be good for hot chocolate but after the coffee we simply couldnt drink more. The chocolate tart reminds me loads of Laurents. Miss the aroma of that place, loads. Chest nut Mont Blanc was for K, realised that posting was lotsa takeaway cakes for K. I think L wanted to try the green tea, and I the Sakura but couldnt do more cos we were stuffed. Miss L, KK, and K loads; those were good times - being near the CBD is such a luxury I miss right now.

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