Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sushi Tei

Monday started with a good list of sub 10, and with Boss away, only one hernia was planned but another turned up! And was not listed (though the mrn was searchable.....) but thankfully we managed to squeeze another in, to the wrath of no one. The initial noon deadline was also thankfully no longer. But the first was a rush, still.

We headed out to lunch - wp in her 3quarts and carrying her precious m/m, driving us to Sushi Tei (Tampines One) where she overordered yet ago. $180 bucks for 3 peeps is quite insane..for sushi tei !!

Fried Salmon skin - mom's fren's reco has been my fave since sec school. How nostalgic. I'm reminded of the HK steamboats, where the fried fish skin when dipped into soup crackles and becomes part crisp part soft -most intriguing textures.

Sashimi which was just nice 1 piece each. Particularly enjoyed the unknown fish to the right.

Mango prawn roll - the core was a fried prawn tempura. Loved the rice stuffed head was digging out the innards.

Clams- with lotsa cream and cheese this was quite good.

But the best is the jumbo prawns with a creamy roe top - this was awesome possum!!!

Wp's craving for hotpot- salmon spicy hotpot, which she regretted cos she'd have preferred the miso soup one. The spiciness is not quite the tom yum kind which has lotsa kick.

Unagi, of which we had difficulty conquering! humongous.

Both of the top belonged to a set lunch meal, where I thought came with 3 side dishes each (included in the price), but I was mistaken!!! So bloody misleading, so i ordered 6 sides in total - half udon, 2 x salmon sashimi, sashimi salad, chawan mushi and the fried bait below
I ended up eating lotsa this white bait (and the fried salmon skin) - I'm a fan of crisp fried food!

We were overstuffed and wp had no space for her matcha ice cream. We exited seeing the post ops and quite a no whilst I completed my angiejolie in 10 min flat. But was H to fetch bro over and then to the east again to get dad. Travelling 2x up down PIE to east is really no mean joke!!

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